Technology is changing the way in which students learn! As our students navigate exciting curricular advances, rigorous standards, and challenging assessments, they require and expect flexibility, personalized learning opportunities and technology integration. Edify delivers!

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The "Magic"

Imagine one technological tool that provides resources, assessments and individualized instructional plan that empower educators with the flexibility to load Common Core and instructional goals. Students work toward learning targets with access to over 10,000 auto generated academic resources including lessons, links, interactive lessons, and videos. Edify delivers!

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Edify has a repository of 80,000 assessment items and growing. More may be added as teachers personalize their own course. All assessment items are aligned with standards. Edify users have the flexibility to choose the standards they wish to implement.

The real time data reports in Edify are comprehensive. Teachers are now able to track performance of individual students by strand. This allows teachers to truly individualize instruction so that students may reach their learning targets. Edify delivers!

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It's Individualized For Students!

Edify gives students the opportunity to explore their own needs. Several resources are generated to aid student learning targets. Students can then choose the resource that best suits their unique learning style.

It's Individualized For Teachers!

Edify is designed to be a tool that is part of a teacher's pedagogy. It is a platform to host, share, and deliver courses, lessons, resources, assessments, and data.

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It's Efficient

Edify includes fully developed courses in English, Social Studies, Science, Math and STEM, making class time more efficient for teachers. Teachers can build their own courses or personalize existing courses in Edify. By delivering their instruction in Edify, teachers can budget more class time for collaboration with students.

The resource library provides teachers the flexibility to deliver personalized resources directly to students, while Edify automatically provides supplemental resources for additional support . The time saved can now be used to facilitate learning. This is the time when teachers can truly impact students, by engaging them in critical thinking exercises to understand and apply the concepts they have learned.

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