About Us

KickstandKent Intermediate School District has partnered with Kickstand LLC. to bring you Edify, an exciting new advancement in learning management system. Technology is widely used in education, but none of the current systems truly individualize learning. Our mission was to create a constantly evolving next generation Individualized Learning Management System.

Edify has been assembled by expert software developers and the brightest educators to help children succeed academically. Through rigorous research and development we have completed a program that will bring a vast, yet highly efficient learning management solution into every classroom. Edify is a true pioneer in standards based individualized learning. With this tool children will have access to thousands of resources at their fingertips. These resources are automatically tagged to a standard or concept for easy access. For instance, if a student struggles with polynomials, or has trouble understanding Newton's laws of physics, Edify automatically pulls up an assortment of resources for that subject. That student can then choose which resource best adapts to his/her unique learning style.

We know that the demands on children are high and so are expectations. It's time to provide them with a tool that makes learning easier and more efficient. For teachers, it provides real time data on the progress of each of their students. This allows them to immediately provide individualized feedback and instruction addressing every student's specific needs. Parents will have full visibility of their child's home page so that they are kept informed not only of their child's progress but exactly what concepts their child has mastered and which ones they need to review. That student can then review those concepts using one of the resources provided for them by Edify, or materials sent directly from their teacher within Edify. Then all they have to do is choose one. No more poking around the internet to find the right resources. Now they are right there for each student.

Education is our passion at Kickstand and we have created a program that finally catches technology up to the growing academic needs of today's students. Technology integration is essential and Edify is leading the way. It is time to put this amazing tool into the hands of every teacher and student to give them the competitive edge they need. Edify delivers!