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Kickstand is an eLearning platform you can lean on

Kickstand allows businesses to maximize their output when it comes to trainings, onboarding, and continuing education materials.

Why Use Kickstand?
Response times measured in minutes, not days

We’ve pulled together the
the best of the best to create
one superior space

A clean, intuitive platform, immediate data and analytics, and an instructional design team are yours to lean on.

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We understand as a business
your plate is very full

We aim to streamline, offer collaborative opportunities, and have a space that provides all learners an exceptional experience, regardless of industry. Kickstand offers:

  • Assessments
  • Data and Analytics
  • Video Chat
  • Messaging
  • Performance Tracking
  • Custom Certifications
  • Compliance
  • Gamification & Badging
Learn About Kickstand

A powerful tool for everyone involved

Kickstand creates a seamless journey between instructors and learners. With a tool designed to be used by anyone in the office, professional learning and training just got a little bit easier.

Tools for Instructors

Individualized for Employees

Analytics for Leadership

Don’t bite off more than
you can chew.Happy Teams = Happy Companies

Every implementation we do is tailored to the clients we work with. Together, we’ll identify areas of need, build a plan and execute.

100% Kickstand Employee Satisfaction

98% Kickstand Customer Satisfaction

This team doesn't mess around when it comes to supporting our clients

Once you’re a part of the Kickstand family, we’re here for you, through thick and thin. Every issue we tackle together and every success we celebrate make us smarter and faster for next time.

Don’t take it from us.
Meet a few of our Clients!