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An all-in-one eLearning tool that maximizes your output

If you’ve found your way here, chances are you’re in need of an eLearning platform to help maximize training and professional learning in your company. Leverage our instructional design team alongside our state of the art software for a complete eLearning solution.

Whether starting from scratch or looking to migrate existing content, both Kickstand and the team are flexible enough to deliver an impeccable experience. Our team is ready and waiting to work with your business!

Kickstand is all-encompassing, and adapts to your needs - whatever they may be.

Data that makes a difference

Kickstand provides actionable data that can be used for guiding professional learning. Here’s how data can help:

  • Immediate results aligned to learning objectives -- visible to employees, managers, and leadership.
  • Clearly identify areas of employee competency with one click.
  • Decisions driven by real-time results allow employers to create personalized learning pathways for team members.

Features that stand out

Kickstand offers some pretty neat features to help team members on their personal learning journey. These features also allow businesses to
focus on what’s next.

Auto-graded assessments

This allows that ultra-valuable data to be available immediately, so you can figure out what's next.

Reliable support

We are here for you and adapt to your needs. As one of our users you are never, ever alone.

Responsive design

Kickstand is built to be used both in the office and on the go.

Ready to try Kickstand for yourself? Contact Us To Get Started