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Over 110,000 standards-aligned items available to educators

Partnerships are a key to success in the classroom at Kickstand. We spend time reaching out to great people and organizations so you don’t have to! Doing so has allowed us to bring our educators over 110,000 individual assessment items, all aligned to standards. Our primary partner for assessment items is Certica Solutions, who provides us with 85,000 retired NWEA standards-aligned items.

Easily create, share, and implement common assessments across grade levels or content areas.

Meaningful data builds
better assessments

We believe that gathering data on your students should be authentic and allow for students and/or you, the teacher, to input data.

  • Design or choose any of our pre-designed checklist assessments
  • Easily gather and track data to know exactly where each student is and should go next.

Don’t forget: each assessment item, whether it’s been built by you or comes from Kickstand, is aligned to a standard. This means, results. Super meaningful, easy-to-read, creepy cool results. And, now that we’ve all spent so much time stretching our brains, it’s only natural that our new-found level of flexibility is applied to how that reporting takes shape.

The fact that I was able to get tests set up with adaptive pools is super exciting for me since I was trying to do this all on paper last year!

Rebecca T., Teacher

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