Edify is an "Educational Game Changer"!

Personalized Learning - Standards Based Data-Driven Instruction - Supporting Instructional Best Practices - all in one system. Below you will see how it can be used in the classroom between the teacher and the students.

Edify and the Teacher's Perspective

Comparison of two students and a demonstration on how Edify individualizes the lesson for each and provides the teacher with the necessary data to tailor the resources and instruction. With Edify the teacher is able to spend quality time with their class even when they might be at different levels of learning.

Edify and the Student's Perspective

Edify offers flexible learning styles to match the students understanding. It also allows parents to help their students with problems at home. They are able to look at the standards that are attached to each question and also use the resources that we refer to as the "Magic" to have a better understanding of the lesson or question that they are having difficulties with.

Edify Parent Teacher Conference

Could you imagine being at your next parent teacher conference and having your child's teacher provide you this level of detail?

...We can! And you should demand it!

Please watch the video and see how Edify accomplishes this!

Dr. William Smith's Testimonial of Kickstand's Edify

Dr. Smith explains the origin of Edify and its impact on individualized learning in the classroom.