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Simplified, streamlined, focused

Let’s be honest, the “plate” most of us carry around is more like a turkey platter. At Kickstand, we believe it’s time to do a little downsizing, if you will.

We aim to streamline, offer collaborative opportunities, and have a space that provides all students an exceptional experience, regardless of their zip code. In the end, that turkey platter can be stored away on the top shelf of the back closet. With so many integrated solutions, an easy-to-carry bread plate is likely in your future!

Whatever the need is, we have the tools to get there.

Learn about the five main areas our platform covers below:


We keep tabs on the types of technical skill sets students need so their brains can focus on what’s really being asked of them. Learn More


Teachers can easily collect real-time data and utilize powerful reporting tools to meet the needs of each and every unique student. Learn More

Resource Library

Leverage great open education resources, that are standards-aligned, easily searched, and range in modality to meet the needs of students. Learn More


Flexibility is the name of the game with our courses! Use them as-is, modify them, or create your own courses within our platform. Learn More

Credit Recovery

We offer an experience that meets the requirements necessary for graduation and preparation in the real world. Learn More

Kickstand stood well above the other solutions we looked at during our evaluation process.

Mark B., Technology Director

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