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Easily collect real-time data and utilize powerful reporting tools to meet the needs of every student.

At Kickstand, we aim to help educators take data to the next, meaningful level by providing powerful reports and analytics. We believe that data you obtain should be usable right away without needing a Ph.D. in statistics. That’s why you’ll find data that has been aggregated for you in easy-to-read, easily accessible formats.

Here at Kickstand, we celebrate
our own definition of

Teacher (noun): an almighty majestic creature who possesses the ability to juggle hundreds of classroom/life related situations at one time, all while being awesome.

Interact with data that matters

After students have taken an assessment in the system, it’s time to pull it all together -- automatically.

  • Aggregation of data flexible enough to meet the needs of teachers, district administrators, parents, and even students.
  • View reports from multiple levels to easily make decisions about where to move next with students.

All our data generates immediately to provide teachers with the all the information they need to meet students where they’re at. Most importantly, students and parents have access to this data, too - adding transparency to conversations around student success.

The standards-based reports actually give me an idea that students learned the materials and can really perform the task.

Pam K., State Coordinator for Homeless Education

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