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30,000+ open education resources ready and waiting

We’ve done the curating for you. Standards-aligned, open education resources are here for educators, students, and parents. Dig around and see what’s here! Resources range in variety offering teachers multiple ways to implement and connect students to content.

Support students where they need it most with resources automatically sent to them after an assessment. Yep, you read that right.

Tens of thousands of open education resources, relevant and engaging to the way kids learn.

Our resource library provides an immediate option for support, engagement, and enhancement of lessons.

  • Choose from a wide variety of resource types to appeal to multiple learning types.
  • Parents have a starting point for homework support.
  • Use these resources directly in a lesson or have students benefit after an assessment when the standards-aligned resources are automatically sent to students based on areas of need.

Because we’re not above making up words in our office, we like to call this special sauce the “auto-magic.” Have a student who is struggling to understand Newton’s Laws but loves skateboarding? Go ahead and directly send a video of Tony Hawk in a half-pipe. Talk about “wheelie” connecting to the content! Auto-generation or relationship-focused, you choose!

Kickstand is a great learning experience. It is very fun to play.

Colin, 3rd grade student

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