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We want to help make education better

We're on this journey as your partner, helping you grow in confidence and competence across the tool. Pretty soon, you’ll be doing these actions sans training wheels!We’ll get you started by:

Building Assessments

Setting up Courses

Editing Lessons

Take the first step

What have you always wanted to accomplish in your classroom but couldn’t? Let’s change that! We’ll work with you to identify which aspects to begin with on your Kickstand journey.

Embrace the journey

Intuitive navigation and design allows for our youngest to oldest users an experience to focus on what’s most important -- teaching and learning.

Here when you need us

Need help? We firmly believe that when we walk out of the door after a training, it’s the start to an awesome partnership, not a final goodbye. There is no question too silly and no project too wild. We can’t wait to ride in tandem with you!

Educators, students, and parents
are better together

It takes a village. Collaboration between parents, educators, and students helps drive the power of Kickstand on so many levels. Sharing resources, 24/7 access, and immediate data just scratch the surface. Moving one more notch up on the Wicked Cool Scale, as the Kickstand Community grows, the benefits of collaboration only improve. Most importantly, families and educators can easily be on the same page when it comes to the needs and success around student learning.

Tools for teachers

Kickstand provides access to K-12 core content courses that can be used as-is or modified. Really into creating? Then go right ahead and design lessons and content of your own to add! Flexibility is the foundation of Kickstand. Teachers will also benefit from:

  • Tens of thousands of standards-aligned resources
  • Auto-graded assessments
  • Immediate data

Individualized for students

Students get a little something out of the bargain as well. They each have their own accounts in the system, and can keep track of their progress using personal goals, gamification, and collaboration with their peers to move through classes. But wait! There’s more:

  • Increased flexibility of access with responsive design. Log into Kickstand any time, anywhere, and on any device.
  • Two interfaces to accommodate the learning needs of all ages.

Engagement for parents

With our mirrored parent portal, parents and guardians can see exactly what their child sees when they log in. The lessons, the resources, the tests, and the results are all there. What does this mean for you?

  • Parents know exactly how to help their student.
  • Resources are auto-generated by standard, so families can review and practice together.
  • Targeted support, less frustration.

I appreciate all the support. You’re helping to take the ‘stress monkey’ off my back!

Arturo A., Teacher

Ready to try Kickstand for yourself? Contact Us To Get Started